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Custom Drying/Curing Oven Will Cure/Heat Magnetic Windings

Benko drying oven
Benko drying oven

Benko Products Inc., an innovator in industrial ovens, announces the shipment of a custom dryer/curing oven to an electrical transformer manufacturer in Middlefield, OH.

The custom drying/curing oven will be used to cure/heat magnetic windings. To make low-noise transformers, the windings must be kept tight. During the curing process, the metal windings expand, and gaps are introduced, which cause the transformers to be noisy. The customer eliminated this problem by applying a DC voltage to the transformer during the curing process. The magnetic field created by the DC voltage pulls the windings together and holds them in place until the curing cycle is complete. This practice allowed the customer to construct lower noise transformers.

Standard Sahara ovens are also available for quick delivery and are available as either gas fired or electric heated in three temperature ranges, 350°F up to 800°F.

Features of this custom dryer oven include:
• uni-flow air flow
• temperature uniformity of ±10°F
• touch screen display
• date and time function for shut-off at end of cycle
• fume extracting fan automated at door open/close
• sensor break recovery

At the event of a sensor failure the temperature controller will switch instantaneously to the alternative thermocouple thus allowing the process to complete and avoid lost cure cycle

For more information, call 440-934-2180 or go to www.benkoproducts.com

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