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HASA Inc. Promotes Bzdil to CCO & President, Chlor-Alkali

Article-HASA Inc. Promotes Bzdil to CCO & President, Chlor-Alkali

Image courtesy of HASA Inc. Rob Bzdil HASA.
Rob Bzdil has been promoted to CCO / president of Chlor-Alkali, at HASA Inc.
Bzdil's advancement is part of a broader corporate realignment strategy.

HASA, Inc., a provider of premium liquid sodium hypochlorite solutions for recreational, municipal, and industrial water sanitization, has promoted Rob Bzdil to the role of Chief Commercial Officer & President, Chlor-Alkali.

Bzdil will oversee all aspects of sales, marketing, customer service, and product management within the organization, as well as directing the general management of all interactions with the broader Chlor-Alkali chemical industry and supply chain. He will continue to report directly to HASA President & CEO Chris Brink.

This promotion is part of a broader corporate realignment strategy designed to support the company's accelerated growth more fully and help the organization penetrate new markets for its high-concentration sodium hypochlorite water treatment solutions.

"Rob has been an absolutely essential part of our HASA leadership team and our vision for the company," said Chris Brink, President & CEO of HASA, Inc. "It is HASA's mission 365 days a year to serve our customers with the highest quality products and service available… a brand promise that millions of individuals, pool pros, businesses, and communities depend upon. Rob has been at the helm of our Industrial Water Treatment business and our supply chain for several years now, meeting the needs of our diversified customer base and exceeding expectations."

He goes on to say that in Bzdil's new role of CCO & president, Chlor-Alkali, he will help HASA to further advance the company's growing role as a premier leader within the vast business of safe, clean, clear water.

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