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Oseco Products Make Repeat Appearance on TV Show MythBusters

Article-Oseco Products Make Repeat Appearance on TV Show MythBusters

Intelligent pressure relief manufacturer Oseco has once again teamed up with the TV show MythBusters to test a common myth. The show used Oseco equipment while testing the plausibility of the popular phrase “knock your socks off.”

MythBusters tests the reality of movie stunts and urban myths when conducted under real-world conditions. Oseco equipment was featured in the episode entitled, “Knock Your Socks Off,” which tests if someone can actually be knocked out of their socks without experiencing a deadly amount of force. Rigs with mannequin feet wearing socks were set up at varying distances from 500 lb of explosives. The show placed Oseco rupture discs on each rig that were calibrated to burst at exactly at 100 psi, which is the amount of force it would take to kill a human being.

After the blast went off, the cast judged if the socks were knocked off of any rigs with rupture discs that had not burst. They determined that it was impossible for a human to experience enough force that would “knock your socks off” without lethal effects.

This was the second episode of MythBusters that used Oseco’s equipment to help bust myths. The first, entitled “Phone Book Friction”, tested a movie stunt scene found in the shark horror film, Deep Blue Sea. In it, the characters used an explosive harpoon on their genetically engineered shark nemesis, while the main character floated in the water a mere 75 ft away. The cast members employed Oseco’s rupture discs to check if the character would have been able to withstand the shock wave from such an explosion in real life.

Oseco, a Halma company located in Broken Arrow, OK, has precision-manufactured rupture discs, explosion vents, and other pressure-relief products for more than 27 years. For more information, visit www.oseco.com.

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