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First 5G Smartphone for Hazardous Areas Introduced

Image courtesy of i.safe MOBILE GmbH Scenario2_i.safe_MOBILE.jpg
i.safe MOBILE announces the availability of the first 5G smartphone for ATEX and IECEx zone 1/21.
Phone offers far-reaching innovation and value creation potential for industrial users.

i.safe MOBILE, a leader in explosion-proof mobile devices and solutions, announces the availability of the first 5G smartphone for ATEX and IECEx zone 1/21.

The intrinsically safe mobile device, which was also developed for use in 5G campus networks, offers companies great flexibility potential thanks to its wide range of possible applications, especially in the automation sector. The extensive deployment scenarios range from predictive maintenance, AR applications, control and cooperation of production robots and production lines, management of AGVs (automated guided vehicles, autonomous transport robots), remote monitoring and support to PTT video calls in the system area to prevent plant failures. The Qualcomm QCM6490 chipset, a large 6-in. display, 48 MP main camera, and standards such as Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC complete the Android 12 smartphone's feature package.

Thanks to the ongoing development towards 5G technology and the use of compatible mobile devices such as the IS540.1, companies can digitalize their production facilities and processes even further and fully utilize applications such as remote maintenance, IIOT, and augmented reality now also in the sensitive Ex zones. The 5G concept offers particular advantages where machines communicate with each other, large amounts of data are exchanged almost in real time, and latencies must be minimal. This makes 5G a key technology for new automation applications. Fields of application for the new IS540.1 industrial smartphone are scenarios in hazardous areas involving autonomous driving on campus grounds, platooning (automated column transports e.g. on large company premises with 5G campus network), control and monitoring of mobile robots, near real-time monitoring in process automation, workflow in the control loop and in plant management, logistics management, asset tracking, and site access tracking,

i.safe MOBILE GmbH, Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany +49 9343 601480 www.isafe-mobile.com

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