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Screening & Separation

  • C2 Gasket Grounds Screens

    March 21, 2012

    The C2 gasket is a sanitary, conductive gasket capable of grounding screens to eliminate static that can build-up on some products. Screening problems result from particle-to-particle bonding (agglomeration) and by particles clinging to the screen mesh, both caused by excess static buildup. Finally...

  • ProGrade Magnetic Separators

    March 6, 2012

    The ProGrade line of magnetic separators includes standard magnetic plates, grates, traps, and tubes. Most items are in stock and ready for quick shipment. ProGrade series professional grade magnets are available at three different degrees of magnetic strength, enabling professionals in diverse...

  • Permanent and Electromagnetic Pulleys

    March 2, 2012

    This series of powerful magnetic pulleys provides automatic separation of heavy tramp iron contaminants from conveyor transported materials. These pulleys provide automatic removal of unwanted iron from materials conveyed on belts to prevent machinery damage and product contamination for sand,...

  • Pneumatic Line Magnet

    February 23, 2012

    IMI has improved the holding strength of its rare earth Bullet magnet. The new stripper collar – used to wipe metal contamination from the magnet - eliminates the loss of holding value experienced by similar magnets that incorporate a cleaning sleeve that covers the entire magnetic circuit....

  • Pneumatic Line Separation Magnets

    A customer with a highly abrasive product required a separation magnet for a truck unload system. Previous magnetic units integrated in the unload systems failed in less than six weeks due to wearing by the abrasive product. Industrial Magnetics Inc. designed and manufactured a custom Exposed Pole...

  • IMI Introduces Antimicrobial Surface Treatment for Magnetic Separators

    Industrial Magnetics Inc., a manufacturer of magnetic separation devices, is offering a new antimicrobial surface treatment that can be applied to its line of magnetic separators for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, helping to improve sanitation and production efficiency. ...

  • Mogensen Sizer Redesigned for Increased Efficiency, Capacity

    The Mogensen sizer concept was developed in 1947 by Fredrik Mogensen, Ph.D., Engineering. The machine concept is based on the principle that different sized particles have different probabilities through a screen. With sloped screen decks, the capacity of a specific area is achieved and particles...

  • Smico to Relocate World Headquarters

    Smico Manufacturing Co. has acquired another 43,000 sq ft of production space and, over the next few months, will relocate part of its production and all of its front office to the new location. The new building is located at 6101 Camille St, Oklahoma City, OK. The additional space will allow...

  • Tumble Screener

    The GKM Siebtechnik tumbler screener provides accurate control screening, fractionating, dedusting of dry, powdered, and granular products. It is particularly suitable for high feed rates and multi-deck separations of fine, lightweight products that are difficult to screen. It provides precise...

  • Clear, Plastic Screen Covers

    These clear, plastic screen covers provide a window for constant, visual monitoring of product in process to quickly detect screen blinding without requiring removal of the cover, machine disassembly, or shutting down the operation. Ideal for use in separating plastic pellets, wood pellets, mineral...