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  • Volkmann Plug and Convey Whitepaper

    Simply Plug and Convey – The Smart Choice for Powder and Bulk Material Transfer (Whitepaper)

    Various production steps in the process industries require a safe and maintenance-free method for transporting raw and auxiliary products as well as finished powders, granules and tablets. The situation gets complicated for smart vacuum transfer when one considers the range of materials to be conveyed and possible explosion risks. This whitepaper examines how pneumatic vacuum conveying is the smart and easy choice in powder transfer.

  • Maximizing Power from Biomass

    Maximizing Power from Biomass (Whitepaper)

    Arizona Instrument  Biomass materials (moisture and ash) were analyzed using Arizona Instrument equipment; determining the moisture and ash content of biomass material can help determine its efiiciency as a fuel.

  • Spark Detection and Extinguishment Systems

    Spark Detection and Extinguishment Systems (Whitepaper)

    GreCon Inc. Sparks are a very common danger. Although they may not be readily apparent, this does not mean that they do not exist. In most cases, close attention is focused on this problem only after it is too late, namely when there has been an explosion or fire. A dull tool, damaged fan bearing, an overhead motor or electric sparks, foreign bodies in the conveyed material, defective parts on the production line, and friction generating processes are causes of these events.

  • Nilfisk Combustible Dust Resource Guide (Whitepaper)

    Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums – One guide with the most recent information to help you understand and resolve the risks associated with combustible dust in your facility. It includes up-to-date information from OSHA and the NFPA, helpful infographics, and housekeeping best practices.

  • 11 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Laser Diffraction Particle Sizing System (Whitepaper)

    Malvern Instrument - When looking to make a significant capital investment in an analytical instrument, it's important to consider everything before making your decision, not only the technical specifications. Such is often the case with the most popular type of instrument used for determining particle size and particle size distribution in industry today - the laser diffraction-based particle sizer. This white paper is designed to help you make a more informed choice and covers criteria not often given enough attention during the decision-making process.

  • Stonepak

    How to prevent False Starts when automating VALVE BAG FILLERS (Whitepaper)

    Premier Tech Chronos - A major concern when automating a valve bagging system is the false start. A false start is when the bagger is started and the bag is not properly positioned on the filling spout; product can be dumped to the floor and dust can quickly fill the building.

  • Premier Tech Chronos Palletizer

    Is Now the Time to Consider a Robot Palletizer? (Whitepaper)

    Premier Tech Chronos - Many core industries: mineral, food, chemical, pet food, feed, seed, agriculture, and others use bags or sacks as a means of storing and transporting their products. Most operations start out stacking bags manually and then eventually end up with some form of automatic palletizing. When does a company make this shift to automation? What must be considered before making this change? This paper attempts to discuss these questions in light of the recent boom in robotic palletizing.