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Powder/Bulk Solids

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Featured Equipment

  • Ultra-Sanitary Mill

    The Definer is a versatile, ultra-sanitary mill with the processing capabilities of several mills in one. This unit easily reduces a variety of powders and agglomerates to a controlled output particle size. It is designed to meet the special demands of the pharmaceutical, food, dairy, and chemical...

  • Jet Mill

    The Open Manifold Design (OMD) Micronizer offers a solution to the herbicide, pesticide, and insecticide manufacturers requiring flexibility for the size reduction of multiple products. The OMD eliminates any hidden areas and allows the mill to be completely disassembled for cleaning. Having access...

  • Hammer Mill

    Available in either carbon or stainless steel, the WA Series is a ruggedly constructed gravity discharge hammer mill. Available in more than 20 sizes from 6 to 60 in. with rotor diameters from 9 to 40 in., the unit features replaceable, abrasion-resistant wear plates designed for processing a wide...

  • Heavy-Duty Flexible Conveyors

    The Flexifeeder line of flexible screw conveyors offers an expanded capability with less frequent maintenance. Each unit is matched to individual customer requirements using both the company’s installation database and complimentary lab testing. The use of controlled vibration at the inlet...

  • Heavy-Duty Flexible Conveyors

  • Bulk Bag Weigh Batch Eductor System

    This bulk bag weigh batch eductor system loosens bulk solid material that has solidified during storage and shipment, discharges the material by weight, and blends it into a liquid stream. The skid-mounted system incorporates two bulk bag unloading frames, each with an integral bulk bag conditioner...

  • Flexible Screw Conveyors

  • Flexible Screw Conveyors

  • Dry Particle Supplying Device

    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has granted Horiba a new patent for this device that disperses dry particle samples into an elementary particle state during the introduction of the sample to a particle size measuring apparatus. In a typical instrument, the user places the sample...