Georgia-Pacific Building New $425M Manufacturing Plant

Image courtesy of Georgia-Pacific jackson tn image 4-Medium.jpg
The planned 900,000-sq-ft production facility in Jackson, TN will make Dixie paper plates when it opens in mid-2024.

Koch Industries owned paper products manufacturer Georgia-Pacific (GP) is preparing to invest $425 million to build a new production plant for Dixie paper plates in Jackson, TN, a release issued by the office of Gov. Bill Lee announced this week.

Slated to become operational by summer 2024, the 900,000-sq-ft location will help the company meet increased demand for paper plate products.

“Although we have invested to expand existing sites, this is the first new Dixie plant the company has built since 1991,” said Fernando Gonzalez, president of consumer business for GP, in a statement. “This added capacity will help us meet the needs of our customers as consumer demand for high-quality, durable paper plates and bowls continues to grow.”

A printer, plate forming converting equipment, and other manufacturing assets will be installed in the facility, GP detailed in a company release.

220 new positions will be created at the plant as a result of the project. Hiring is expected to commence in 2023.

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