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Maximize Productivity with the Right Design of Your Flexible Screw Conveyor

Due to their relatively low cost and simple 
construction,  flexible  screw  conveyors 
are  one  of  the  most  common  types  of 
conveyors  used  by  manufacturers.    The 
reason for this is that the screw is the only 
part of the conveyor that moves. The only 
other major components are the tubular 
housing,  and  the  electric  motor  that 
drives the screw (also called the auger).
Despite  its  uncomplicated,  yet  reliable 
construction  and  straightforward 
operation,  many  end-users  overlook 
important  factors  that  could  potentially 
lead  to  poor  performance,  excessive 
power  usage,  severe  wear,  and  material 
degradation.  For  these  reasons,    it 
is  essential  to  consider  all  system 
parameters  when  selecting  conveyor 
options.  Only  then  can  you  ensure  a 
correct  and  successful  installation  that 
achieves maximum operational efficiency.