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New Long-Life Filter is Cost Effective

New Long-Life Filter is Cost Effective

Our White Paper Explains the Engineering Behind This Filter

Parker's BHA® TotalPleat™ filter provides significant advantages over PowerCore®; specifically, customers report longer filter life making it more cost-effective.

The key to performance is advanced airflow technology. Engineered with larger airflow passages, TotalPleat™ is 50% more open and air passages remain open throughout pulse-cleaning due to the strategically placed gluebeads that allow 92% of the filter face to remain open. Dust doesn’t get trapped as it does in the OEM filter. 

What you will learn:
• How TotalPleat™ delivers longer filter life with advanced airflow technology
• How to prevent restricted air flow in cartridges where dust doesn’t easily release from the filter media
• How TotalPleats deep-pleated design keeps 92% of the filter face open to flow and why that matters to your plant
• The engineering behind low pressure drop, and how it is vital to performance and long filter life

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