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A Guide to Cannabis Manufacturing in 2021

A Guide to Cannabis Manufacturing in 2021

The cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly as US states and countries around the world relax restrictions on both marijuana and hemp. As demand for cannabinoid products builds, thousands of cannabis manufacturing firms have stepped into the fold to create a vast array of products – from dry powder inhalers to infused toilet paper – that have never before appeared on the legal market. To produce these sophisticated offerings, manufacturers are turning to advanced technologies and equipment, as well as established processes and techniques used in other industries like food processing. 

Powder & Bulk Solids’ eBook, “A Guide to Cannabis Manufacturing in 2021,” provides insights on the trends, equipment, regulations and other factors that are impacting processors and manufacturers of cannabis products in 2021. 

Some of the highlights include: 
-    A high-level overview of trends impacting the operations of cannabis manufacturing operations.
-    An estimate of the number of cannabis manufacturing firms operating in the US in 2021.
-    A description of how several major food and beverage companies are getting involved in the cannabis industry. 
-    A showcase of equipment solutions tailored to the needs of cannabis manufacturers. 
-    Information on the cost and safety benefits of vacuum conveyors for cannabis and hemp processors.
-    An explanation of how rotary valves are used in cannabis processes. 

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