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Open-Source Check Weighing Machines

Hardy Process Solutions' Dynamic Checkweigher
Hardy Process Solutions' Dynamic Checkweigher

Hardy Process Solutions introduces its new approach to checkweigher design, built on a Rockwell Automation platform and using Hardy’s HI4050CW controller, the Dynamic Checkweigher series delivers performance and flexibility for user’s current and future product inspection needs.

The Dynamic Checkweigher is a fully automated system designed to weigh items automatically in-motion. The controller can communicate both upstream and downstream across the Connected Enterprise Network. Automated control is done with an embedded Rockwell Automation CompactLogix PLC, while communicating with the high performance Hardy HI 4050CW check weighing controller. The resulting high-speed check weighing system can process between 20 to 350 pieces per minute.

“Hardy’s new checkweigher family delivers the benefits of open source, off-the-shelf and seamless integration, enabling customers to maintain/enhance their checkweighers to meet future needs,” said Tim Norman, Hardy’s senior product manager. “We leveraged Rockwell Automation’s Premier Integration model using Studio 5000 software and Allen-Bradley components. This novel approach seamlessly integrates equipment data, control and analytics into plant-level and enterprise networks and all data tags are visible and available on the Connected Enterprise.”

Each Dynamic Checkweigher has a stainless steel base and cabinet, for maximum durability and easy washdown. Flexible and accurate, it weighs products of virtually any shape or size in containers such as boxes, cans, bottles, rigid shrink-wrapped packages, or flexible packages. Items compatible with the system include bagged and boxed sugars, raw meats, fruits, vegetables, chemicals, fertilizers, and consumer packaged goods.

The different models include:
•    Dynamic C: a chain weigher for up to 22 lb of rigid products, such as bottles, cans, and cartons, operating at up to 350 units/min
•    Dynamic S: a small belt weigher for up to 22 lb of pouches, trays, and direct foods, operating at 200 units/minute
•    Dynamic I: intermediate belt weigher for up to 50 lb of boxes, tubs, ails, and bulk foods, operating at 60 units/min
•    Dynamic L: a large belt weigher for sacks, kegs, drums, and bulk bags up to 200 lb, operating up to 50 units/min

Hardy Process Solutions, San Diego, CA 858-278-2900 www.hardysolutions.com

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