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Mettler-Toledo Introduces FlashCell Load Cell Technology

Article-Mettler-Toledo Introduces FlashCell Load Cell Technology

Image courtesy of Mettler-Toledo Flash_Cell_METTLER.jpg
New load cell technology is faster and more precise than previous load cells

FlashCell load cells weigh food products at speeds of up to 800 ppm, with precision better than required by Measuring Instrument Directive (MID).

With three different load cell types in the FlashCell portfolio, food manufacturers can select the appropriate load cell for their products, reliably and precisely weighing a complete product range up to 10 kg. Users of Mettler-Toledo C-Series checkweighers can now process products more quickly and reduce product giveaway through greater weighing precision. Manufacturers will also benefit from smaller checkweighing system footprints to fit within limited factory floor space.

Performance metrics have already been proven: Mettler-Toledo has carried out extensive tests comparing the new FlashCell to current EMFR load cells, as well as installed its new load cell technology at customer sites. Through these tests and installations, FlashCell load cell checkweighers have demonstrated, for example, the ability to achieve throughputs up to 800 ppm and a 40% improved standard deviation for a 35-g cereal bar.

“FlashCell technology is a significant further improvement of the already flexible C-Series checkweighers, giving customers the opportunity to increase performance significantly while maximizing precision according to their needs,” said Frank Borrmann, market manager, Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection.

“In today’s market, food manufacturers need to be able to respond quickly and competently to fast-changing trends, including changes in product types, shapes, and weights,” Borrmann continued. “By investing in a checkweigher from Mettler-Toledo with FlashCell load cell technology, manufacturers will receive a flexible and future-proof system, where every component can adapt to future requirements."

Performance enhancements delivered by FlashCell load cell technology include:

* Higher throughputs
* Higher precision
* Reduced footprint

Mettler-Toledo, Lutz, FL 800-221-2624 www.mt.com/pi


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