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Fortress Launches Raptor Smart Checkweighing Series

Image courtesy of Fortress Technology Raptor_Metal_Detector_FORTRESS.png
Fortress Technology unveils the launch of its Raptor “smart” weigher series.

Fortress Technology unveils its expansion into checkweighing with the launch of its Raptor “smart” weigher series.

Designed for new-generation manufacturers embracing the digital revolution, Raptor checkweighers include an intelligent conveyor removal system and intuitive digital process monitoring technology to advance inspection efficiency, target operational inefficiencies, and slash product giveaway.

The Raptor launch range comprises three systems: a single frame standalone checkweigher, a combination metal detector and checkweigher, and XL caseweighing system for ingredient and big bag applications. All three address North America’s calls for robust, accurate, hygienic, and compact food weight control systems incorporating the latest digital “smart” processing technology. Common features across the range include no-tool maintenance, leading digital software processing, and a unique conveyor motor release. 

Guaranteeing absolute traceability, the Raptor introduces high-end weight control technology. By instantaneously capturing sample readings of individual packs by the millisecond, the Raptor control system provides highly accurate and consistent weighing results. Only possible by using the most advanced ARM processors, this data capture and analytics is a game changer for food factories concerned about product waste and giveaway, explained Raptor sales engineer Matthew Gidman. “Using Raptor’s digital data capture feature, manufacturers can pinpoint upstream operational deficiencies, including overfilling of packs, processing, and packaging waste,” said Gidman.

Engineered to be both hygienic and robust, the Raptor also targets operational inefficiencies, including upstream product giveaway and packaging waste.

Unique Conveyor Concept

The Raptor introduces a new tight fitting conveyor concept with a quick release and disassembly of the deck, belt, motor, and rollers. Overcoming the longstanding industry challenge of loosening belt tension during machine sanitation, operators simply unclip and disconnect the conveyor motor and lift out the entire conveyor assembly. In just seconds, the conveyor belt is removed, along with its individual components, such as rollers and bearings, for maintenance and cleaning. The belt tension and alignment are instantly restored when clipped back into place.

“The Raptor conveyor is super fast to disassemble, reassemble, and slot back into place. No tools are needed, which means there are no hidden contaminants or loose screws to worry about. Additionally, the tight fitting, smooth surface conveyor eliminates belt noise, which can affect a checkweighers’ accuracy,” explained Gidman.

Large Customizable Touchscreen

Rather than hiding valuable statistical information away, the Raptor presents a new 19-in. “smart” touchscreen. Bigger than most digital tablets, machine operators can customize and bring to the foreground the most relevant parameters to their operation. Ranging from net weight, to average weight to product giveaway, operators simply pick their preference for the home screen. Graphs and visual prompts help to flag and respond to critical trends.

Fortress Technology Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada 416-754-2976 www.fortresstechnology.com

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