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Fairbanks Scales Introduces Loadcell Controller

Image courtesy of Fairbanks Scales Load_Cell_Controller_FAIRBANKS.jpg
Boosts speed, resolution, individual load cell monitoring capabilities of Intalogix

Fairbanks Scales Inc. announces its new ACC-3300 Quad Loadcell Controller (QLC), designed to bring new levels of convenience, accuracy, and serviceability in a compact, space-saving design for industrial scale applications.

The Intalogix QLC is a new analog to digital loadcell communications device, specifically created to enhance the performance of industrial floor scales, tank scales, and hopper scales. In these applications, the QLC replaces the scale’s analog junction box (internally or externally) to boost weighing resolution to levels up to 10 times greater than analog, and enable high load cell performance, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities. The QLC also makes servicing the scale faster and less costly by allowing the operator to recalibrate the scale.

The QLC and compatible instrument can guarantee maximum accuracy out of the equipment by communicating with each load cell independently, allowing for cell-by-cell calibration. The system will also allow for real time load cell diagnostics and identification of load cell issues. In the case of a load cell failure, the cell-addressed information allows for the immediate identification of the issue, reducing service time and improving scale uptime. If the failed load cell is in a tank-weighing assembly, it can be replaced without needing to empty the tank or recalibrate the instrument. The bad cell can be replaced, and the mV/V value of the new cell can be entered at the instrument. Once that is done, the assembly will be ready to weigh accurately, regardless of the current levels in the tank.

Fairbanks Scales, Overland Park, KS 800-451-4107 www.fairbanks.com

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