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Vortex Valves Europe Moves to Larger Facility

Article-Vortex Valves Europe Moves to Larger Facility

A recent move to larger headquarters has followed another year of growth for Vortex Valves Europe. The dry bulk solids handling company retains its UK presence in Darlington but now operates from a new facility with twice the capacity.
Since launching its European hub in 2006, U.S.-based Vortex has seen the operation make steady sales gains, particularly in the UK and Ireland. By the end of 2008, trading arrangements were in place in The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, and Greece. Business in Asia and the Middle East is also handled from Darlington.

“From what was virtually a cold start in Europe, establishing Vortex products here was always going to be a steady process,” said European managing director, Jon Naylor. “The market is not geared to a sudden influx of new valves but we have a key advantage in that our range is based on award-winning designs that stand out from others. It is our belief that many existing dry bulk solids handling valves are over-engineered, often deriving from high-pressure valve design and heavy construction that adds cost and difficulties for both installation and maintenance.”

The company’s flagship valve designs are named Quantum. Unlike a conventional cast-bodied valve, the Quantum orifice slide gate, for example, is constructed from just 12 lightweight components, simplifying its construction and maintenance.

The blade and seal design allows the valve to self-clean on the opening stroke. This prevents material from packing on the internal seals. In addition the hard polymer seals are protected from blast abrasion, compensate for wear and are easily maintained with the valve still in-line.

For more information, visit www.vortexvalves.com.

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