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Rotary Valves Feature Modular Design

Article-Rotary Valves Feature Modular Design

Sprout-Bauer rotary valve
Sprout-Bauer rotary valve

The heavy-duty line of Sprout-Bauer rotary valves can function as volumetric metering devices, airlocks, or a combination of both for pneumatic conveying and atmosphere applications. 

The modular design features an integral stuffing box with four packing rings and an air purge inlet, split packing glands, outboard bearings, inlet plow distributor, open and closed bottom housings, and the full-length, removable inspection panel. The inspection panel allows for easy cleaning and tip adjustment or replacement without removing inlet or outlet components.

The closed-end, eight blade rotors maintain two-blade air seal without the loss of pocket capacity. Depending on the application, radial clearances can be as small as 0.002-0.004 in. to minimize leakage.

Optional accessories such as vent hoppers, inlet baffles, inlet and discharge transitions, and discharge manifolds are available for improving throughput efficiency, allowing the valves to function at their best when installed on a pneumatic transfer system.

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