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Rotary Airlock Handles Fish Guts

September 6, 2017

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Rotary Airlock Handles Fish Guts
Ryco vacuum cleaning system with Smoot FT-7 Type 1 rotary valve

Smoot rotary airlock valves handle a wide range of materials from food ingredients to abrasive chemicals. Ryco manufactures a vacuum cleaning system that utilizes a Smoot FT-7 Type 1 rotary valve for cleaning the body cavities of salmon and other fish. The system allows disposal of offal and process water to be controlled to meet stringent pollution requirements and improve in-plant sanitation conditions. The gravity discharge system fills the gut tank with a vacuum, continuously discharging with a rotary valve.
Magnum Systems Inc., Kansas City, KS 800-748-7000 www.magnumsystems.com

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