Kemutec Unveils Mucon Double-Flange Slide Gate Valve

May 22, 2014

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Kemutec Unveils Mucon Double-Flange Slide Gate Valve
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Building on the success of its low-cost SV range of single-flanged slide gate valves, Mucon has developed an in-line version for applications requiring a flange connection at the outlet, and so the DSV double flange slide gate valve was born.
The slim, lightweight alloy design of the Mucon DSV offers a number of features and benefits, including: a stainless steel slide gate as standard; anti-tamper locking – allowing the user to lock or tag the valve in the closed position; and grounding points – where static charge can be a problem. The Mucon DSV is also available with a lightweight pneumatic actuator assembly that can be added as a simple retro-fit in just a few minutes, or removed to return to a basic hand operation.
The Mucon DSV is a cost-effective solution for the isolation of gravity-fed, free-flowing powders or granules, where frequent operation is not a requirement.

Kemutec, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013

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