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Curved Blade Valve

DCL curved blade valve
DCL curved blade valve

Dust Control and Loading Systems (DCL) curved blade valves are fast acting, tight sealing, and effective for regulating flow rates. The curved blade valve is suitable for handling fine or granular materials. They are designed to cut off product flow from outlets such as storage bins, silos, conveyors, gravity flow chutes, and other discharge points handling dry bulk materials.

The curved blade housing is constructed of steel plates featuring cross member support on larger sized valves. The reinforced curved blade pivots on two flanged bearings allowing it to open and close with ease. Actuation of curved blade valves can be accomplished in many ways, including pneumatically for fast action, hydraulically for power, electrically for precise positioning, and manually with a chain wheel or lever.

The nature of the curved blade is ideal for flow control and the seals on the curved blade valve are designed to eliminate product leakage when the blade is in the shut off position. The seals are mounted to the curved blade housing instead of the blade allowing for access and ease of replacement. Blade seals are selected according to the material being handled and are available to suit any application.

DCL’s curved blade valves are available in standard sizes ranging from 6 to 36 sq in. Sizes larger than 36 in., rectangular, and special configurations, including hardened liner, are available on a custom build basis.

DCL Inc., Charlevoix, MI 231-547-5600 www.dclinc.com

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