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Aerodyne Debuts New Animation of StopTight Slide Gate Material Handling Valve

Aerodyne, a division of Abanaki Corp., recently launched an animated demo of its StopTight slide gate material handling valve, a dust-tight component for controlling flow in a bulk material system. The slide gate drive action eliminates the need for racks, pinions, cams, or other internal mechanisms that tend to interfere with valve operation. Large clearances avoid jamming during operation and material flow is unimpeded by any restriction or obstruction when the slide gate valve is open. The moving parts are self-cleaning.  
The low-maintenance slide gate valve is available in either manual or pneumatic operation. In the manual version, minimal turning of the hand-wheel compresses or relaxes the leaf spring assembly allowing the slide plate to rise or drop from the inlet collar. The valve is then opened or closed by pulling or pushing on the hand wheel. The pneumatic valve operates by an air cylinder closing the valve by forcing the leaf spring assembly to compress against internal stoppers. The slide plate rises to seal against the inlet collar. As the air cylinder withdraws, the leaf springs relax, allowing the slide plate to drop and slide clear of the inlet.
This unit also comes in a wide range of sizes, is offered in carbon or stainless steel versions, and is ideal for high temperatures and severe-duty applications. The slide gate valve lends itself to a wide range of free-flowing materials such as chemicals, minerals, foodstuffs, and plastics.
See slide gate demo now.  To request a brochure outlining the specifics on the Aerodyne slide gate valve, visit www.DustCollectorHQ.com/055.

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