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Wolfson Centre Announces Bulk Solids Handling Short Courses for 2010

The Wolfson Centre, part of the School of Engineering at the University of Greenwich, is running a program of Short Courses throughout 2010 designed to attract engineers from industry in the area of bulk solids handling.

In the past the Centre has welcomed delegates from all over the world and from a variety of industries, particularly pharmaceuticals, food processing, mining, ceramics, power generation, plastics, chemicals, and recycling. They are aimed at managers, skilled operatives and maintenance crew, or anyone involved in the handling, processing, and storage of powders and bulk solids, including manufacturers of such machinery.

Course content includes, among other topics: the basics of operation of powder and bulk solids handling equipment; understanding materials, causes, and solutions to common problems; design and selection of plant components. The courses aim to provide delegates with the knowledge to identify bulk solids handling problems and to teach the techniques to overcome them.

Course fees include the course handbook with copies of the presentations, refreshments, and a course dinner after Day 1 (where the course is two days in length).

Quality in Powder Handling
January 27, 2010
£420 per delegate

Topics include:
* Correct design of equipment to minimize segregation (de-mixing) effects
* Handling of materials to reduce particle breakage and dust generation
* Approaches to minimizing caking of materials
* Re-design of particulate materials to make them less prone to these problems

Powder Containment
February 10, 2010
£420 per delegate

This new course looks at the selection and operation of equipment designed to reduce the risk of working with hazardous powders.

Topics include:
* Perceptions of dust and consequences of exposure
* Key principles and equipment for air flow capture systems including H&SE Guidance HSG258
* Key principles and equipment for barrier systems
* The Workplace Exposure Limit, equipment performance expectations and performance verification
* Factors affecting performance such as ergonomics, worker behavior and powder characteristics.

Storage and Discharge of Powders and Bulk Solids
March 2-3, 2010
£680 per delegate

Topics include:
* Basics of hopper and silo function
* Dealing with potential problems
* Determination of hopper geometry
* Discharge aids and interfacing to feeders
* Feeder design
* Practical examples
Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Solids
April 20-21, 2010 and November 23-24, 2010
£680 per delegate per course

Topics include:
* Components of Pneumatic Conveying systems
* Design techniques
* Diagnosis of operational problems
* Interfacing storage bins to conveying systems
* Operational problems and effects on system design
* All aspects of system selection and operation
* Correct design of systems for reliable operation.

Overview of Particulate Handling Technology
October 12-13, 2010
£680 per delegate

Topics include:
* Vessel types and reliable flow
* Characterization of materials
* Pneumatic and mechanical handling
* Feeder interfacing

In order to allow individual attention, numbers on the courses are limited. Early registration is recommended.

On-line booking, along with further information on these courses, is available at www.bulksolids.com. To contact the Centre email [email protected] A discount of 5% is available for three delegates booking onto the same course from the same company at the same time.

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