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Weighing and Inspection System

Article-Weighing and Inspection System

The XS3 AdvanChek X-ray CombiWeigher combines checkweighing and x-ray inspection technologies in one space-saving system. A complete product inspection combination system, it not only performs highly accurate over and underweight checkweighing, but simultaneously inspects products for physical contaminants such as glass, metal, stone, bone, and high-density plastics. The unit includes a true checkweigher with EMFR weigh cell technology for accurate dynamic weighing that fulfills all local Weights and Measures regulations (MID certified). The versatile CombiWeigher is built to the highest safety standards in the industry and is compliant with IRR 1999. With its HACCP-compliant stainless steel (V2A) design and sealing up to IP65, the system meets strict hygiene standards and is ideal for harsh environments.
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