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Veteran Containment Group Forms Integrated Containment Systems LLC

Article-Veteran Containment Group Forms Integrated Containment Systems LLC

Denise McIntosh, Russ Krainiak, and Ronnie Harris have announced that they have formed Integrated Containment Systems LLC. Located in Washington, NC, the new company provides high-level containment/isolation products and systems designed to protect facilities and employees in the pharmaceutical industry.

McIntosh, of Custom Powder Systems, is the firm’s Executive Officer; Krainiak, former Director of Technology with Global Containment Systems Inc., is Director of Technology; Ronnie Harris, former Engineering Manager with Global, serves as Director of Engineering.

“We looked at the industry and realized there are opportunities we could easily accommodate,” said McIntosh. “Chief among these are long lead times and a lack of functional containment technology. Our organization can facilitate the entire process and deliver high-end, technology-driven products on a timely basis.”

Integrated Containment Systems is a fully integrated supplier providing design, engineering, scheduling, manufacturing, testing, documentation, preventive maintenance, and post installation service.

For more information call 252-946-0166.

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