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Valves, Gates, & Airlocks Focus - June 2010

Article-Valves, Gates, & Airlocks Focus - June 2010

93545.tifClosed-Construction  Airlock Valve
The Vacu-Valve Armadillo is a closed-construction airlock valve that provides positive seal under hoppers, cyclones, and dust collectors. Because this dust-discharge valve requires no controls, lubrication, or power source, it is both energy saving and maintenance-free — allowing it to operate for about one-sixth the cost of a rotary airlock valve used for discharged dust or abrasive materials. The Armadillo’s duckbill valve design allows free-flowing continuous discharge, automatically adjusting to the desired vacuum. See an animated demonstration of how a duck-bill airlock valve works at www.aerodyneus.com/013. Aerodyne, Cleveland, OH  800-358-7546 www.AerodyneUS.com

93554.tifRotary Airlock
Extremely hard and generous ceramic and tungsten carbide coatings make this rotary airlock highly abrasion-resistant. Lined with thick ceramic coating designed to resist the most abrasive materials, the ceramic rotary airlock offers heavy-duty design and construction. The heavy-duty construction features: cast body and end plate; 0.100-in.-thick ceramic bore; tungsten carbide throat protection; heavy-duty fabricated 8-vane rotor. FLSmidth Inc.,  Bethlehem, PA 610-264-6800  www.flsmidth.com

93556.tifSlide Diverter Valve
The three-position slide diverter valve features a sealing method that uses regulated compressed air applied to the sealing rings. This results in an airtight seal between the inlet and outlet ports and allows the valve to be used in either pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems. This design minimizes line deflection. Valves are bi-directional and are ideal for divert or converge applications.  Smoot, a division  of Magnum Systems,  Kansas City, KS, 800-748-7000 www.smootco.com

93555.tifTwo-Way Diverters
In gravity flow applications to divert material from one source to two destinations, 2-Way Seal Tite Straight Line (SL) Diverters offer a versatile solution for dry bulk handling customers. They can be used for a wide range of nonabrasive to moderately abrasive powders, granulars, and pellets, such as sealing carbon black powder or diverting recycled glass. They are ideal for plastic, food, chemical, and agricultural applications that require a dust-tight seal to minimize cross-contamination. Also called “K” style diverters, they are engineered to channel the flow of material away from the leading edge of the flapper vane. This feature is critical to maintain seal integrity and inhibit material leakage.  Vortex Valves  North America, Salina, KS  785-825-7177 www.vortexvalves.com

93541.tifCustom Airlocks
These rugged airlocks are available in customized fabricated and machined models for pneumatic systems, gravity feeds, and volumetric discharge devices. Fabricated models handle dust collection, plastics, feeds, and corrosive chemicals where pressure differentials are 20 in. of water column or less. Urethane wipers provide a tight fit between fabricated rotors and housings. Machined airlocks have cast housings for added durability and are designed for higher pressures as well as abrasive materials. Rotor to housing fit is a tight 4 to 6 thousandths of an inch. Both models offer carbon and stainless steel rotor and housing options.  Airlanco, Falls City, NE  800-500-9777 www.airlanco.com

93553.tifHigh-Speed Abort Gate
An abort gate can be located prior to the inlet of a dust collection system to prevent a flame or burning ember from entering the dust collection system. This method is used if extinguishment from a spark detection equipment is not adequate or not an option. Leak detection or broken bag sensors can activate the abort gate in the event of a filter failure. The abort gate can be placed on the return air side of the dust collector to redirect contaminated air to safe location. Standard features include: heavy-duty fully welded steel construction, painted OSHA safety yellow, 110-volt control panel, manual gate reset by a hand-crank actuator, gate accelerating springs, fail-safe electro-magnets, steel gate seals and limit switches for gate position indication.  Imperial Systems Inc.,  Jackson Center, PA  800-918-3013  www.isystemsweb.com

93548.tifRotary Airlock Valves
Three types of heavy-duty rotary airlocks are available: Drop Thru, Blow Thru, and Side Entry. All units come standard with regreasable bearings, helical gearboxes, predrilled body vents, and predrilled air purge connections. These valves are rated up to 20 psi pressure differentials and are available for temperatures in excess of 1000°F. All units feature large rotor shafts with thick beveled blades as standard. A variety of options are available. Carolina Conveying Inc.,  Canton, NC 828-235-1005  www.carolinaconveying.com

93567.tifHeavy-Duty Butterfly Valves
Series 585/586 inflatable seated butterfly valves are designed for the most severe applications. The new heavy-duty seat has been designed for higher operating pressures and temperatures. Standard valve sizes range from 2 to 24 in. and fit both ANSI and metric flanges. The valve is ideally suited for abrasive materials such as sand, feldspar, fly ash, and most other dry, granular materials that reduce valve life. The inflatable seat design provides a better seal by utilizing air pressure to expand the seat against the disc, providing more sealing area and an even pressure distribution against the disc every time. The seat automatically compensates for wear when it inflates against the disc, extending valve life. The valves are available in a wide variety of construction materials including stainless steel and aluminum. Posi-flate, St. Paul, MN 651-484-5800 www.posiflate.com

E93560.tifxternally Adjustable Slide Gate
Traditional slide gates incorporate an internal perimeter seal arrangement. To access these seals the traditional gate required the equipment above the gate to be emptied then the gate was removed from operation for maintenance. The externally adjustable seal arrangement has eliminated the need for emptying equipment above the gate. The gate seals are accessible from the outside of the gate and are external to the product flow area. This arrangement extends seal life. With ease in accessing the seals and the seals no longer in direct contact with product flow, maintenance time is minimized. Pebco, Paducah, KY 800-707-3226 www.pebco.com

Ma93561.tifximum-Duty Rotary Valve
The Maximum-Duty (MD) 1820 Aerolock is designed for high-volume service and is the largest rotary valve the company offers. The MD 1820 is commonly used with some of the most challenging materials including minerals, chemicals, fillers, food ingredients, filled pellets, PVC compound, and diatomaceous earth. The valve is engineered for heavy to severe industrial service with pressure differentials up to 20 PSI and/or temperatures of 250°F. It is able to withstand severe shock loads and elevated temperatures. It has a ten-blade rotor that maintains a minimum three-blade labyrinth seal to minimize air leakage.  K-Tron Process Group – K-Tron Premier, Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.ktronpremier.com

P93566.tiflug Diverter
The new SPTD plug diverter has a single straight pipe and is available in sizes from 6 to 16 in. The straight pipe diverter is suitable for applications in the food, pet food, plastics, and petrochemical industries. The design of the diverter conforms to all current legislation regarding safety in the workplace. Consequently there are no moving parts on the outside. The new SPTD has been designed to be user friendly, pressure shock resistant, and with standard static seals suitable for pressures up to 43.5 PSI. All sizes are optionally available with inflatable seals. DMN-Westinghouse, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands +31 (0)252 361 870 www.dmn.info

R93562.tifotary Airlock Valve
The model DRS-10 rotary airlock for pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling applications is available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty models with square or round flanges. The valve handles pressure differential up to 15 PSI and can be constructed of cast iron or stainless steel, is available in sizes 4 to 26 in., features a rugged heavy-duty housing, and has precision-machined internal surfaces that form an effective seal. ACS Valves, Caledonia, ON, Canada 905-765-2004 www.acsvalves.com

R93565.tifotary Valves
These completely redesigned rotary valves are available for various pressure applications, and include a quick-clean version. The valves are available for discharge applications as a low-pressure version for 3 psi, a medium-pressure conveying valve for 22 psi differential pressure, and a high-pressure conveying valve for 50 psi differential pressure. The valves are designed in stainless steel and available in sizes from 4 to 20 in. The main advantage is the newly patented low-leakage rotor, which saves energy in the pneumatic conveying process, including a new leakage air vent design. The valves are equipped with rotors with various numbers of special designed vanes in order to keep the air leakage extremely low.  Pelletron Corp., 717-293-4008 Lancaster, PA www.pelletroncorp.com

L93564.tifunar Ball Segment Valve
The new improved ball segment valve can handle both liquid and dry abrasive products from fine powder to course abrasives. It has an opening where materials cannot build up, accumulate, or be captured within the valve body. The valve body is now machined out of one piece. This allows for a range of options. The valve is used in a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and mining industries. The Lunar Ball segment valve has an inflatable seal that reduces wear and tear because the seal is inflated when the valve is fully closed and deflated before the valve is opened, withstanding pressure up to 150 psi and full vacuum. Jaygo Inc., Union, NJ 908-688-3600 www.jaygoinc.com

R93568.tifotary Valve
PMM’s modular PMV rotary valve family now includes a smaller valve. Customer demand called for a unit with capacity less than the PMV-8, but more than the Microvalve series. The new PMV-6 incorporates a 6-in.-diam rotor and has a capacity of 0.06 cu ft per revolution (CFR) compared to 0.17 CFR for the PMV-8. By providing a range of valve sizes, the PMV series allows customers to select the valve that moves the right amount of material at the recommended RPM for their application. The modular PMV can be completely rebuilt on-site in less than two hours, shaving days off downtimes that would otherwise be required to replace worn cast valves. Since Precision’s PMVs don’t use cast housings, the valves can be produced and maintained to closer tolerances for better performance. Precision Machine &  Manufacturing Inc.,  Eugene, OR 541-484-9841  www.premach.com