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Trough Slider-Bed Belt Conveyors

Bunting Magnetics CoThese trough conveyors use an open-center concave pan section and are available with a variety of belt sizes to quickly move large volumes of bulk material. A choice of smooth belt and textured cleat topped belts are available. The motor is mounted on the side of the conveyor section. Adding options such as in-feed hoppers, spouts, spout extensions, diverters, plow-offs, belt wipers, incline/decline elbows, and covers to the basic unit increases versatility. These conveyors are ideal for: moving grains, sawdust, forages, chips, and other bulky materials; moving material exactly where you want with one-way or directional conveying, adjustable elbow or straight-line conveying and plow-off; moving material at your choice of belt speeds.
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