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Loss-in-Weight Portable Bin Unloader
The design of these loss-in-weight portable bin unloaders allows for accurately discharging and metering material stored and transported in either side- or bottom-discharge portable bins. The system can be configured for either continuous loss-in-weight feeding or batch. Weighing is done through a patented low-deflection, nonwearing force measurement suspension system (FMSS) flexure scale that measures vertical loading and can take high-load-directed overloads (1000%). The FMSS scale design uses counterweights to negate the tare weight of the support structure, feeder, and bin. One hundred percent of the scale capacity is thus used to weigh material, resulting in the best possible weight signal resolution.
Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries Inc., Pembroke, MA 781-826-8101 www.thayerscale.com

Custom-Built Silos
Used in plastics, food processing, agricultural, and chemical applications, these silos are designed to customer specifications with skirt, leg, or gusset support in configurations up to 16 ft in diameter and heights of over 100 ft. One-piece construction in a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel minimizes field assembly and installation time.
Pittsburgh Tank Corp., Monongahela, PA 724-258-0200 www.pghtank.com

Tanks and Silos
This company specializes in the turnkey production of bolted and shop-welded tanks and silos, from design, fabrication, and factory coating/thermally curing to field erection and service. These tanks can be used for dry bulk storage applications in nearly all industries, offering a technologically advanced Trico Bond EP coating to ensure long-lasting corrosion and abrasion resistance. Customized with the latest features to meet both individual needs and all industry standards, the tanks are manufactured at ISO 9000/9001-certified facilities and are found in 123 countries worldwide.
Columbian TecTank, Kansas City, KS 913-621-3700 www.columbiantectank.com

Flat-Panel Bolted Tank
The flat-panel bolted tank for storing dry bulk materials features hopper bottom designs with capacities up to 80,000 cu ft. TC flat-panel tanks feature smooth-wall interior (no interior ledges), exact manu­facturing tolerances, and a high-quality powder-coat process. The company provides complete turnkey field installation service using direct factory crews. Installation is accomplished with synchronized, hydraulic screw jacks, which allow field crews to install the tanks at grade level.
Tank Connection, Parsons, KS 620-423-3010 www.tankconnection.com

Stackable Mobile Store Hoppers
Mobile store hoppers offer the convenience of small-volume temporary storage with the added benefit of rugged material transportation between work sites within a facility. The hoppers’ square and stackable design saves valuable floor space, while the large leg size provides additional stability and strength when stacking. The hoppers are available in several standard capacities and configurations.
NBE Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220 www.nbe-inc.com

Storage and Transport Containers
Pneumatank storage and transport containers can be used to move dry, bulk materials directly from the manufacturer to the end user, reducing handling costs, curbing contamination, and improving supply logistics. Whether transporting goods by rail, road, or sea, operators can effectively move more product. The containers’ 25-ton capacity, easy one-person operation, and top-side loading also make it a safer and simpler storage alternative to bags, drums, Gaylords, and FIBCs. Built with ISO-spec construction, containers are available in two models: a self-discharging model, giving users the convenience of a self-contained unit; and a vertical-discharge model that can be used with lift-bed chassis and vacuum/pressure conveyors. Both models stack horizontally for efficient storage.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com