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Seminar on OSHA's New GHS Rule Announced

Lion Technology’s upcoming webinar will quickly get companies up to speed on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) new chemical hazard communication rules. In August 2011, OSHA plans to adopt the global harmonization system (GHS) for classifying and labeling chemicals, which will substantially change the existing OSHA Hazcom standards. Under the new rule, employers will need to learn the new chemical classification criteria, replace chemical labels, use new Safety Data Sheets (SDS) instead of existing MSDSs, and train all employees in the new hazard communication system.

Employers must have a clear understanding of the new “Hazcom rules” as soon as possible to assure company-wide compliance. At this informative, two-hour GHS web seminar, Lion’s OSHA-authorized instructor will teach the regulated industry how the new rules affect their facility and what to do now to assure the timely implementation of a new Hazcom program.

The webinar will run on June 28, 2011 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm ET. The fee to connect to the webinar is $149. Space is limited. Industry professionals wishing to attend can register on Lion Technology’s Web site at www.Lion.com/GHS or call 888-546-6511.

Topics will include:

• What will change under the new GHS rules
• The new hazard classification system
• OSHA’s new chemical labeling system
• New Safety Data Sheets: structure and mandatory elements
• Your responsibilities when the rule is adopted
• Employee training requirements and deadlines
• How this change will affect other standards
• Strategies and options for preparing your facility

This training is designed for individuals who are responsible for developing or overseeing a company's OSHA hazcom program. This includes EH&S managers, plant managers, general managers, corporate EH&S directors, and supervisors. Regulated industries include any workplace that produces, uses, and/or stores hazardous chemicals.

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