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Screw Conveyors

Precision Machine and ManufacturingDesigned for the harshest environments, these screw conveyors are precision machined to move virtually any dry, granular, or powdery material, even abrasive substances like fly ash, coal, coke, volcanic cinders, diatomaceous earth, and pebble lime smoothly and uniformly without packing or jamming. Standard screw configurations include variable pitch, tapered flights, cut flights, mixing paddles, and ribbon screws. Screws are manufactured in the U.S. to any specified size using commercially available materials, such as mild steel, 304 SS, 316 SS, T1, AR400, Tri-Braze, and Super C alloys. The company also fabricates conveyor troughing and all component parts in the same material range.
Precision Machine & Manufacturing Inc., 800-722-9841 or visit www.premach.com