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Pneumatic Conveying Focus - January 2011

Article-Pneumatic Conveying Focus - January 2011

118338.tifRotary Airlock Valve
Specifically designed for pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems, the BT rotary airlock valve is pressure rated for 20 psi. Applications include food, grain, baking, and plastics. This compact rugged designed airlock is available in cast iron or cast SS construction and round flange 6-12 in. ACS Valves, Caledonia, ON Canada 800-655-3447 www.acsvalves.com

118352.tifReinforced Polyurethane-Lined Hose
The Series 2020 is a reinforced polyurethane-lined material handling hose with embedded copper grounding wire for outdoor dry applications. This product is designed to dissipate static electricity when the metal wire is properly connected to ground, through the fitting or other means. It is ideal for pneumatic conveying systems for use with powder, pellets, or other dry granular materials. The hose meets FDA and USDA criteria for dry food transfer systems, such as flour, rice, and grains. Kuriyama of America Inc., Schaumburg, IL 847-755-0360 www.kuriyama.com

Dense-Phase, Gravity-Filled Pneumatic 118350.tifConveyors
The DPG-B Series gravity-loaded bottom-discharge dense-phase conveyors are ideal for moving powdered, granular, or pelletized friable and abrasive materials. They are rated up to 100+ tn/hr and provide high material-to-air ratios and extremely low line velocities, resulting in smaller line sizes, lower air consumption, reduced dust collection, and lower capital investment and operating costs. Abrasive wear and particle degradation are also minimized. Programmable controls (PLCs) offer reduced supervision for automated operation. Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com

118348.tifCustom Pneumatic  Conveying Fans
Many pneumatic conveying applications require performance capabilities and alternate construction not available with standard pre-engineered fans. Typical are these rooftop mounted Model 2300 size 27 radial bladed pressure air fans. Housings with sealed, leak-proof welded airstreams and fitted with pressurized shaft seals assure leak-tight conveying for the most demanding applications. Fans are available for flows to 440,000 CFM and pressures to 108 In. w.g. Wheels are typically constructed of high strength, low alloy ASTM A1011-HSLAS, A606, A242, A572, or A588 structural steel and capable of operation up to 800°F. Chicago Blower Corp., Glendale Heights, IL 630-858-2600 www.chicagoblower.com

118339.tifReplacement Blowers
ZZ Series blowers are drop-in replacements for Roots URAI, Sutorbilt Legend, and Tuthill Competitor models. These blowers feature: balanced/precision machined bi-lobed impellers; ground alloy steel shafts with oversized bearings; alloy steel forged spur gears that are hardened and precision machined; an oil lubricated gear side and grease lubricated drive side; keyless locking assemblies for reliable and easier timing gear maintenance; and either NPT or ANSI flanged port connections. The blowers come in sizes from 2-7 in. and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. They will provide pressures up to 15 psig or vacuums of 15 in. Hg; air flow ranges from 10 to 2350 cfm. Eurus Blower, Suffolk, VA 630-221-8282 www.eurusblower.com

118344.tifBlower Packages for Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Continuous vacuum, pressure, and vacuum/pressure system blower packages are available for 2- to 10-in. conveying systems. Each blower package is supported on a heavy-duty base allowing easy access for cleaning. Built-in braces permit the entire package to be moved into position with a forklift during installation or maintenance.  Premier Pneumatics Inc., Salina, KS 785-825-1611 www.ktron.com

118347.tifDense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying System
The MaxiDense dense-phase pneumatic conveying system maximizes the time spent at the design pressure of the convey system, resulting in efficient conveying. First, the tank design has a fully fluidized bottom using Fullerator aeration elements that promote smooth flow of material from the vessel. Further, the upward flow, side discharge design assists in controlling material flow into the convey pipeline, working in conjunction with the other process controls of the system. The MaxiDense technology utilizes a staged bypass to allow small increments of air to enter the convey line downstream of the tanks. FLSmidth Inc., Bethlehem, PA 610-264-6800 www.flsmidth.com

118346.tifPneumatic Conveying Systems
Smoot engineers and manufactures dilute- and dense-phase pneumatic transfer systems including vacuum, pressure, and vacuum-pressure. The selection of the correct style of transfer system is critical to ensure reliable plant operations. System design is always engineered to the specific material and transfer layout properties. Smoot Company Inc.,  Kansas City, KS 800-748-7000 www.magnumsystems.com

118340.tifDense-Phase Pressure Pneumatic Conveying System
Most degradation and wear occur primarily at the end of the conveying cycle, where the conveying velocities are always the highest. The HDP 4000 Full Line Concept system prevents the conveying line from purging or emptying at the end of the cycle by precisely controlling the supply air pressure and volume at the transport vessel and utilizing the DC-5 Air Saver controls along the conveying line. Almost any conveying velocity, even down to 50 ft/min, is now achievable. Fragile and abrasive materials such as carbon black can be conveyed at velocities below 100 ft/min, resulting in only minimal degradation and/or wear. Dynamic Air Inc., St. Paul, MN 651-484-2900 www.dynamicair.com

118349.tifConveying Systems
Conveying systems are offered for nearly every application – powdered as well as granular materials – including line diverters (switches), airlocks (air seals), dust collectors (filters), and separators. Buhler manufactures and supplies all components required for an entire pneumatic system. Pressure or suction conveyors use rotary airlocks or pressure vessels for material feeding. They can handle everything from conventional and simple to sticky and fragile materials. Buhler Inc., Plymouth, MN 763-847-9900 www.buhlergroup.com

118342.tifMini Pneumatic Conveyor
MiniVac integral regenerative blower technology reduces the need for plant air supply and reduces energy costs by up to 30 percent. It also reduces labor with tool-less, side-door access for filter changes and cleaning, and eliminates the need for separate dust collection with an internal filter that operates at top efficiency using standard reverse-pulse cleaning. Discharge options include a rotary valve, dump gate, or slide gate. Hapman, Kalamazoo, MI 800-427-6260 www.hapman.com

118353.tifBulk Bag Unloader for Pneumatic Conveyors
The BFF Series (forklift load) bulk bag unloader has a non-flow-through pick-up adapter for multiple pneumatic conveying lines. The Tele-Tube telescoping tube raises a Spout-Lock clamp ring that seals the clean side of the bag spout to the clean side of the telescoping tube, exerting continual downward tension as the bag empties/elongates, promoting flow while containing dust. A Power-Cincher flow control valve cinches the spout concentrically for easy, leak-proof tie offs, while a Bag-Vac dust collector creates negative pressure within the dust-tight system to collapse empty bags dust-free prior to retying and disconnection. Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, PA 888-353-9426 www.flexicon.com

118354.tifOnline Pneumatic Conveying Component Resource
The NBE Components & Accessories Resource is a secure, online tool specifically for professionals involved in the operation and maintenance of pneumatic conveying systems for dry bulk material. The Resource offers immediate access to more than 1750 SKUs in 60 product categories. Components, parts, and accessories are available for a wide variety of pneumatic conveying applications. In addition, the Resource makes available the applications expertise of NBE dry bulk material handling engineers who will evaluate upstream and downstream process influences. National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, MI 616-399-2220 www.nbe-inc.com

118341.tifVacuum Conveyors
These vacuum conveyors are ideal for long-distance conveying applications over torturous routes. The system is easy to route, has few moving parts, is dust tight in operation, and empties product leaving minimum residue. Typical throughput rates are up to 10 tn/hr, at distances of 330 ft that can be exceeded depending on the material being conveyed. Vacuum conveyors are well suited for toxic or otherwise hazardous materials since air is sucked-in and, in the event of accidental damage to the conveying tubes, prevents product escape to the atmosphere. These conveyors usually are the only way to suck material out of tubs or other open top conveyors such as kegs and drums and are also ideal for applications with multiple inlets. Reverse jet self-cleaning filters clean the conveying air that is returned to the atmosphere after use, reduces maintenance, and minimizes product loss. Spiroflow Systems Inc., Monroe, NC 704-291-9595 www.spiroflowsystems.com

118343.tifSelf-Cleaning  Pneumatic Line Housing
This self-cleaning, pneumatic line housing for magnetic separation in dilute-phase pneumatic systems is designed specifically for pneumatic line applications. The sealed unit eliminates line pressure drops and surges, is leak-proof up to 15 PSI, and the self-cleaning feature eliminates the need for operator-required cleaning of metal contamination. Based on the drawer-in-housing platform, it incorporates a series of 1- in.-diam, 50MgOe rare-earth, Nedox coated tubes on staggered centers, versus a single, center-flow cartridge circuit often prescribed for pneumatic line systems. Industrial Magnetics Inc., Boyne City, MI 800-662-4638 www.magnetics.com

118351.tifDilute-Phase  Conveying Magnets
AIR-VEY magnets are designed to remove ferrous contaminants from products in dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems operating at 15 psi or less. They are used to ensure product purity and protect process equipment. The flow-through area of the housing is engineered to maintain the same product velocity with no appreciable drop in pressure. The magnets install easily in horizontal, vertical, or angled positions with compression type couplings or weld in place. Inside the stainless steel housing is a powerful cylindrical shaped magnet with a cone-shaped nose. To clean captured ferrous contaminants remove access door from housing by opening latches. Puritan Magnetics Inc., Oxford, MI 248-628-3808 www.puritanmagnetics.com