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Piping, Tubing, & Couplings Spotlight - July 2010

Article-Piping, Tubing, & Couplings Spotlight - July 2010

95165.tifHeavy-Duty Couplings
These couplings can help cut maintenance costs on bulk handling, vacuum, or pneumatic conveying lines that require frequent access. One-piece, 100% stainless steel construction prevents loss of parts, while a neoprene rubber gasket makes a secure seal. The clamp works by contraction rather than expansion,  exerting greater torque for a tighter seal. Installation requires no tools and can be made in seconds. Standard sizes range from 2½ to 24 in. OD with special sizes available. Lorenz Conveying Products Corp., Cobourg, ON, Canada 905-372-2240 www.lorenz.ca

95166.tifHeavy-Duty Cam-Operated Couplings
These cam-operated couplings are now offered in four materials: glass-fiber-reinforced nylon, industrial-grade glass-fiber-reinforced polypropylene, PVDF, and food-grade polypropylene. The couplings complement tubing and reinforced hose products that are suited to a variety of applications. All four materials offer similar performance properties, such as high impact strength and resistance to acids and solvents. A big advantage over metal counterparts is their lighter weight. Nylon couplings, which are yellow, resist corrosion and handle working pressures up to 175 psi. Industrial-grade polypropylene (black) offers a higher degree of acid resistance than nylon and, like nylon, is electrically non-conductive. PVDF (translucent) is made from FDA-approved ingredients, handles temperatures as high as 300°F, and will self extinguish. Food-grade polypropylene (white) resists animal, vegetable, and mineral oils, salts, alkalis, and alcohols. NewAge Industries Inc., Southampton, PA 800-506-3924 www.newageindustries.com

95167.tifSelf-Aligning Pipe Couplings
These ring grip pipe couplings are heavy-duty self-aligning couplings for either high-pressure (to 150 psig) or full vacuum-rated applications. Utilized in all industries where pipe ends need to be connected, they are ideal for pneumatic conveying systems. These couplings install quickly and easily, reducing installation costs. They are available in 2-10-in. pipe sizes and are made for use on plain end pipe, regardless of pipe wall. Other features include self-grounding, vibration resistant, externally leak-proof, with a high end pull for difficult applications. No machining or grooving is required to maintain pipe integrity. Every coupling becomes a union, providing easy, low-cost maintenance when piping components need replacement. Standard gasket materials are available to meet special design conditions, such as food grade, higher temperatures or special chemical resistant applications. TUF-LOK International, Madison, WI 608-270-9478  www.tuflok.com