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Piping, Tubing, & Couplings

Article-Piping, Tubing, & Couplings

Tube Coupling
The Instalok uses an O-ring seal instead of a gasket for a better seal in both vacuum and pressure environments. The O-ring also reduces the water seepage found at times in outside applications. The coupling is designed to align tube ends automatically, so there’s less of an opportunity for pellet shear. Its metal-on-metal clamp provides a positive engagement that reduces tube movement. As a result, there’s a reduced opportunity for pockets to develop where pellets can be trapped during line purges. Additionally, with no gasket, the threat of abraded gasket material in the line—and thus in the end product—is eliminated. By the use of two bolts that can be rotated to fit the area, the Instalok can be applied in half the time it takes to install a compression coupling.
H-P Products Inc., Louisville, OH 330-875-5556 www.metflo.com

V-Band Couplings for Flanged Joints
V-band couplings are a flexible alternative to bolted or welded flange designs, joining flanges with V-shaped profiles by providing constant radial clamping force on the flanges. The design makes it easy for operators to access joint areas for routine maintenance and service. Operators need to unfasten one nut and bolt only, as opposed to several nut-and-bolt sub­assemblies, which are associated with bolted-flange designs. Installation and maintenance procedures can be further shortened with the use of quick-release latches and handles. V-band couplings also provide maintenance and service flexibility that welded-flange designs cannot offer and can be easily integrated into joint areas of various diameters, beginning with flange outside diameters as small as 1.66 in.
Clampco Products Inc., Wadsworth, OH 330-336-8857 www.clampco.com

Kink-Resistant PVC Suction Hose
Kink- and crush-resistant Vardex hose is available for both pressure and vacuum applications. Made of clear PVC with steel-wire reinforcement, the hose is suitable for fluid, air, or granular-material transfer. A sampling of applications includes chemical lines, material handling, cleaning equipment, water feeds and discharge, vacuum lines, shop air supply, conduit, and environmental-suit air feed. Vardex combines the desirable properties of PVC—clarity, rubber-like flexibility, excellent flow characteristics, and resistance to corrosion and abrasion—with the strength of steel. The wire reinforcement allows the hose to resist kinking, crushing, and collapse, even at full vacuum (29.9 in.Hg). This makes it especially useful in applications where bends and turns are involved. Vardex eliminates the need for extra attachments involving fittings, clamps, separate pieces of hose, and the labor to assemble and install them.
NewAge Industries Inc., Southampton, PA 800-506-3924 www.newageindustries.com

Self-Aligning Pipe Couplings
Ring-grip pipe couplings are heavy-duty, self-aligning couplings for either high-pressure—to 150 psig—or full-vacuum-rated applications. These couplings install quickly and easily, reducing installation costs. They are made for use on plain-end pipe, regardless of pipe wall. The couplings are also self-grounding, vibration resistant, and externally leak-proof, with a high end pull for difficult applications. No machining or grooving is required to maintain pipe integrity. Every coupling becomes a union, providing easier and lower-cost maintenance when piping components need replacement. Numerous standard gasket materials are available to meet special design conditions, such as food-grade, higher-temperature, or special chemical-resistant applications.
Tuf-Lok International, Madison, WI 608-270-9478 www.tuflok.com