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Oseco to Appear on TV Show Mythbusters

Article-Oseco to Appear on TV Show Mythbusters

Pressure-relief manufacturer Oseco is making another appearance on the TV show Mythbusters. The episode, entitled “Dive to Survive,” airs Wednesday night, March 31 on the Discovery Channel.

Mythbusters puts movie stunts and urban myths to the test in real-world conditions, to see if they are “Plausible” or “Busted.” In Oseco’s first Mythbusters appearance, the company’s bursting discs demonstrated that an underwater explosion would generate enough force to kill a swimmer 75 feet away, proving the end of the movie Deep Blue Sea was impossible in real life. Oseco’s discs were also used to prove that if exposed to a force that would “knock your socks off”, the person wouldn’t survive the force of impact.

For more information, visit www.oseco.com.

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