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Nano and Green Technologies to Highlight Chem Show

Article-Nano and Green Technologies to Highlight Chem Show

Bridging the gap between science, technology and commercialization will be the focal point for the Nano and Green Technology Conference and Symposium during the 2009 Chem Show at New York’s Javits Convention Center, November 17-19.

Created specifically for the show by Innovative Research and Products (iRAP) and designed to help CPI professionals around the world better understand the benefits of the emerging technologies, the Nano and Green Conference & Symposium will provide insights into nanotechnology and its impact on green processing.

"Nanotechnology is being increasingly used to benefit the new generation green technologies including fuel cells, batteries, solar cells, new generation coatings to prevent heat losses, more efficient chemical processing techniques including filtration and catalysis, and less electronic devices that consume less power," said Dr. Thomas Abraham, president of Innovative Research and Products and Chairman of the symposium.

The conference will focus on colloids and surface modifications benefiting nanotechnology applications, nanoparticle synthesis, and nano-bio convergence and their emerging technologies and markets. It will feature cutting-edge research in nano and green technologies and commercialization from some of the world's leading colloid and nano scientists, technologists, and business leaders. 

Additionally, programming will provide attendees with insights into how these technologies are being implemented in the marketplace. A variety of conference sessions will take place during the Nano and Green Technology Conference & Symposium, including:

• Nano 101 – Colloids and Surfaces, Nanoparticle Synthesis and Processing
• Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials – Emerging Application, Market Trends and
Economic Impact
• Emerging Developments in Colloid Science and Surface Modification Technologies
Benefiting Nanotechnology Applications
• Nanomaterials and Chemicals for Nanotechnology Applications
• Nano-Bio Convergence
• Emerging Laboratory Technologies I Related to Colloids, Nanoparticles, Nano-Engineered Materials and Green Technologies Potential for Commercialization (I & II)
• Inaugural Keynote Address presented by Dr. Thomas Abraham, program chairman and president, iRAP Inc., Stamford, CT.
“Nano and green technology are among the hottest topics within the CPI industry,” said the president of IEC, Clay Stevens. “We want to help our attendees stay on the cutting-edge of this rapidly expanding and innovative technology.”

Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems on the molecular scale. It refers to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed today to make complete, high performance products.  

For information, visit www.chemshow.com.

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