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Moisture Analyzers Spotlight - November 09

Article-Moisture Analyzers Spotlight - November 09

NIR On-Line Moisture Analyzer
It is important that moisture levels are accurately maintained throughout the wet granulation or drying process within a fluid bed dryer. Traditionally, moisture content is approximated by measuring the temperature of the exiting air. This can prove unreliable as it is dependent upon the relative humidity and temperature of the incoming air. Using the MCT 360 NIR on-line moisture analyzer, moisture can be measured instantaneously in situ by using either a sapphire viewing window or a probe with an air purge to ensure nonadherence of product to the window. Alternatively, if there are multiple fluid bed dryers, an MCT 600 laboratory instrument can be set up on a cart and transported to each dryer in order to obtain instantaneous reading on samples extracted from the bowl.
Process Sensors Corp., Milford, MA 508-473-9901 www.processsensors.com

Ethernet-Enabled In-Process Moisture Analyzer
The CM710e Ethernet-enabled in-process industrial moisture analyzer provides manufacturers of chemical, mineral, ceramic, detergent, and other products with robust real-time measurements. High-speed, noncontacting NIR technology delivers accuracy, stability, and industrial Ethernet (EtherNet IP, PROFINET, Modbus TCP) or Fieldbus (Profibus, DeviceNet) and analog connectivity facilitates integration into closed-loop control systems. A choice of housings (IP65, IP67, ATEX) and available air-cooled system with efficient heat exchanger allows the unit to be installed in the most challenging factory locations. The operator workstation provides local displays of numeric values and diagnostics access, while the versatile HMI enables additional manager or supervisor access to key product setup and selection functions.
NDC Infrared Engineering Inc., Irwindale, CA 626-960-3300 www.ndcinfrared.com

Flush-Mounted On-line Moisture Sensor
The patented FP-24C flush-mounted on-line moisture sensor monitors particulate moisture content in physically hostile environments such as mixers, chutes, belt conveyors, and augers. Typical moisture measurement accuracy is ±0.25%. Analog output is 4 to 20 mA for both temperature and moisture content. The unit requires 12 to 36 V dc, 3 W maximum. The sensor surface area is 4.625 × 7.625 in. The sensor surface is ceramic, while the sensor body is hard-faced aluminum.
AgriChem Inc., Ham Lake, MN 763-689-5538 www.agricheminc.com