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Moisture Analyzers

Microwave Drying System
Accurate moisture analysis can be achieved in minutes with the SAM-255 microwave drying workstation featuring patented IntelliTemp temperature control. IntelliTemp enables the system to maintain a user-defined temperature set point so moisture and solids results are consistent from instrument to instrument and site to site. Samples are typically analyzed in less than five minutes, and errors caused by sample scorching are eliminated. This advanced technology yields results equivalent to standard air-oven methods. The SAM-255 stores up to 20 separate methods and is available without the balance and printer, making it ideal for fast drying of paints and coatings. A two-tier bulk-drying turntable that holds up to 1000 g of material is also available for applications requiring larger sample sizes.
CEM Corp., Matthews, NC 800-726-3331 www.cem.com

Moisture/Solids/Ash Analyzer
The Computrac MAX 5000 moisture/solids/ash analyzer provides accurate results in minutes. It precisely analyzes material in a linked series of tests without disturbing the sample’s integrity, eliminating the operator error associated with traditional test methods. In addition, the nitrogen-purge feature eliminates flashing commonly caused by volatiles in the sample.
Arizona Instrument LLC, Tempe, AZ 800-528-7411 www.azic.com

Near-Infrared Analyzers
Whether on-line or off-line measurements are required, these near-infrared analyzers offer results in tighter control of the bulk density of the powder and consequently more-consistent product. The MCT 300 and MCT 600 also enable achievement of optimum moisture level, minimizing waste and ultimately saving the end-user money by avoiding overdrying. The MCT 300 can also be installed directly over any conveyor or with a fluidized bed-spray dryer. The use of a sight window or an insertion probe to view the product enables continuous monitoring and is a practical solution for controlling moisture content during granulation and drying cycles. Benefits include consistent particle size distribution and bulk density from batch to batch, increased efficiency due to shorter drying cycles and minimum delay between production batches, improved product yield, and increased automation through closed-loop control of feed pump and dryer temperature.
Process Sensors Corp., Milford, MA 508-473-9901 www.processsensors.com