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Material Handling & Transportation Focus - June 2010

Article-Material Handling & Transportation Focus - June 2010

R93576.tifotomolded Bulk Container
ShipShape bulk containers feature durable covers that establish a sturdy seal with the container to safeguard against dust and vapor release and minimize the potential risk from exposing dry products to the environment from open containers. Rotationally molded from 100% weatherproof polyethylene, the molded covers also protect the products or materials inside the container from contamination and spillage during storage and transport. To promote stable stacking on racks, forklifts, and trailers, the bulk container covers are molded-in with a braided tic-tac-toe board pattern on top that mates with the container’s footprint to absorb movements during lifting, handling, and transportation for reduced load shifting. For easy fleet integration, the container covers mix and match with multiple containers in several different capacities.  Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Ashtabula, OH 800-829-4535  www.ShipShapeContainers.com

P93578.tifortable Aluminum  Gantry Cranes
Reid Lifting Porta-Gantry units combine capacity with convenience. The durable aluminum construction delivers up to five tons of lifting capacity in a lightweight, modular assembly. Designed for quick and easy setup and breakdown to facilitate portability between workstations, they are assembled using only four bolts and collapse and pack flat for convenient shipping and storage. Operators will appreciate the added portability and versatility provided by caster wheels and manual height and width adjustments. All wheels include caster locks to keep the crane in place during operation.  Thern Inc., Winona, MN  507-454-2996 www.thern.com

R93577.tifoller Forks
RollerForks help companies lower costs and “go green” by eliminating or reducing pallet use. They are standard lift truck forks that can also be used for pallet-less handling, (i.e. slip sheets, cartons, FIBCs, corrugated bundles, etc.). The forks actually have two layers of rollers encased in cartridges within the forks. When the under most row of rollers touches the floor while the lift truck is in motion, it causes the uppermost rollers to rotate in the opposite direction, whereby the forks slide under the slip sheet or load without disturbing the products. When the forks are lifted up, the rollers drop below the fork surface, allowing the products to rest securely on the fork blades just like standard forks. Advantages include: no hydraulics needed; weight of the forks is nearly the same as standard lift truck forks meaning additional forklift capacity is not required; better visibility for the operator.  Reachable Solutions LLC, Chesapeake, VA 757-548-4142  www.reachablesolutions.com

C93579.tifontainer Loading System
Fast filling of sea/land containers with maximum payload is possible with the SwallowTail container-loading system. This high-capacity system uses TransFlow Stinger technology and is designed for loading pigments and other difficult-to-handle materials. The two types of SwallowTail loaders offered are the stationary and portable designs. Both are used to fill 20-, 30-, and 40-ft-long lined sea/land containers at filling rates of 40,000 lb/hr or more.  Young Industries Inc.,  Muncy, PA 800-546-3165  www.younginds.com/loader