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Loader and Receiver Controller

K-Tron Process GroupThe LSR Controller consolidates several applications into one system allowing it to control either a K-Tron Premier self contained loader or a single central receiver for pneumatically conveying a wide variety of bulk materials. The controller is locally mounted with all 24 VDC unit devices pre-wired. An auto-switching power supply accepts 115 or 230 VAC. The front panel of the controller includes a potentiometer to set draw times, on/off switch, and multicolored LEDs indicate power/alarm, loading status, and dump status. Available materials of construction for the enclosure are polycarbonate and stainless steel. The unit allows for nine different operating modes selectable with internal rotary switch and 10-position dip switch. The controller provides precise, reliable control filling by time or level and various discharge configurations including gravity or powered gate. Control parameters include pulse cleaning, purge (line clearance) valve, ratio loading, level sensor, fill (sequence) valve, by-pass (vacuum breaker) valve, and one vacuum pump motor when controlling a single central receiver.
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