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Level Indicators & Flow Measurement Spotlight - July 2010

Article-Level Indicators & Flow Measurement Spotlight - July 2010

95140.tifDual Transducer Acoustic Wave Level Transmitter
The Sultan 34 dual transducer is a non-contact acoustic wave transmitter designed with flexibility that is used for measuring level of solids with the versatility of measuring two different applications at once. The unit emits high-powered acoustic wave transmit pulses from two transducers which is reflected from the surface of the material(s) being measured. The reflected signals are processed using specially developed software to enhance the correct signal and reject false or spurious echoes. The transmission of high-powered acoustic waves ensures minimal losses through the environment where the sensors are located. Due to the high-powered emitted pulse, any losses have far less effect than would be experienced by traditional ultrasonic devices thereby allowing more energy to be transmitted and more energy to be returned. Advanced receiver circuitry is designed to identify and monitor low-level return signals even when noise levels are high. The measured signals are temperature compensated to provide maximum accuracy to the outputs and display. Hawk Measurement, Middleton, MA 888-429-5538 www.hawkmeasure.com

95141.tifRotary Paddle Switch
The Mucon ROTALOG rotary paddle switch is designed to signal the presence or absence of bulk materials in silos and hoppers as well as for blockage detection in conveyor chutes. Ideal for dry bulk solids, including powders, chips, and granules, the unit detects the product when the rotation of the paddles inside the container is impeded. A control signal is detected and, after approximately half a second, the motor circuit switches off. All active parts become stationary resulting in long motor life and no paddle wear. The switch is available in either side- or top-mounted models. Kemutec, Bristol, PA 215-788-8013  www.KemutecUSA.com

95142.tifVibratory Level Indicator
The PZP vibratory type bin level sensor is a point level indicator that can be used in a wide variety of powder and bulk solids applications. The unit is ideal as a level indicator for materials as light as 1.25 lb/cu ft, such as expanded polystyrene beads and fumed silica. The PZP also works well in situations where material properties or environmental conditions are variable. Other practical features include: no calibration required, diamond shape single-probe design, universal power supply, fail-safe on power failure, variable time delay, optional probe extensions, and optional split architecture design. Monitor Technologies LLC, Elburn, IL 800-601-5953 www.monitortech.com