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Kaeser Extends Free Basic Energy Evaluation

Article-Kaeser Extends Free Basic Energy Evaluation

Up to 50% of compressed air is wasted, and when you consider the utility costs to generate compressed air, that adds up to a significant portion of operating costs. To continue reducing excess energy consumption associated with compressed air system inefficiency, Kaeser is extending its no-cost Kaeser Energy Saving System (KESS) program into 2010.
With a no-obligation KESS assessment, your local Kaeser representative conducts a walkthrough at your location and completes a detailed questionnaire on your air system. Kaeser engineers use the information to create a custom report describing energy saving opportunities, including two energy-saving scenarios. Within days you receive the report to help you in quick decision making and long-term planning for reducing energy consumption and cost.
For more information on how to schedule your free KESS walkthrough, call 866-958-6800 or visit us at www.kaeser.com/kess.

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