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Jenike & Johanson Offers Independent Peer Review Service for Bulk Solids Handling Systems

Article-Jenike & Johanson Offers Independent Peer Review Service for Bulk Solids Handling Systems

Jenike & Johanson of Tyngsborough, MA, is pleased to announce its peer review service for bulk solids handling applications for a variety of industries and applications.

A critical step in the design of bulk solids handling systems, a peer review is important when:
* Redundancy in processing design is lacking
* Operation is related to public health and safety
* Using new technology or design methods
* Working with new or unique bulk solids

These types of situations requiring crucial performance and avoiding critical problems warrant the use of a peer review. Parties that can benefit include the operating company, major owner(s), operation insurer, main engineering firm, construction firm, and contract management firm. As an independent expert with no stake in the recommended outcome, Jenike & Johanson’s role in a solids handling peer review is to provide verification of:

* Bulk solids flow assumptions and influences of site process and ambient conditions
* Appropriate design procedures and analyses
* Attainment of client’s needs and specifications regarding bulk solids processing
* Feasibility and practicality of the process design
* Solids handling effects on process or equipment

The peer review service is performed after the design phase is complete to ensure no engineering mistakes are present and appropriate effort has been made to develop a safe and cost-effective design. Furthermore, Jenike & Johanson will review the design to make certain the intended production objectives will be met. Examples of components reviewed include stockpiles, silos, hoppers, feeders, chutes, blenders, and more. 

Jenike & Johanson’s peer review service typically takes two to four weeks to complete depending on the type of system being evaluated, whether it is a new or existing system, and whether an on site trip is required. A written report is provided. Applications and industries utilizing peer review include pharmaceutical, energy, utilities, chemical, plastics, food processing, and more. 

For complete information, call 978-649-3300 or visit www.jenike.com/Services/Engineering/Peer-Review.html.

Jenike & Johanson is a consulting engineering firm specializing in the science and technology of bulk solids handling. With four laboratories in the U.S., Canada, and Chile, Jenike & Johanson has tested more than 10,000 bulk solids and used the results to design accurate, cost-effective solutions to flow-related problems for more than 5000 bulk solids handling projects around the world in such industries as energy, cement, chemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, solid waste, and more. For more information on all services offered, visit www.jenike.com.

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