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Heinkel Group Acquires Comber Co.

Comber S.r.l., the Italian manufacturer of Nutsche filter-dryers, vertical pan and horizontal paddle drying systems, will be part of the Heinkel Group effective August 7, 2010 and operating under the name of Comber Process Technology S.r.l.

Commercial operations have been resumed in the existing Colzate workshop and technical offices. The contacts for the Comber Units, both sales and the parts & service program, remain unchanged. The future of Comber, which for several weeks was in liquidation proceedings, is now secured.

Customers will benefit from the close teamwork between Comber and Heinkel. Products under the brand names Heinkel, GFT, Ellerwerk (centrifuges), Bolz-Summix (conical screw dryers), Techno-G (ball segment valves), and Comber (Nutsche filter-dryers, horizontal paddle and vertical pan dryers, complement one another perfectly. The company can now offer a wide variety of custom-tailored machine and system solutions for solid-liquid separation and drying.
Heinkel manufactures a wide technology range of centrifuges worldwide for the pharmaceutical, chemical, and fine chemical industries. Comber is the major manufacturer of Nutsche filter-dryers and vacuum dryers worldwide.

For more information, visit www.heinkelusa.com.

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