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118145.tifPneumatic Conveying System
The Pellcon3 is a new conveying process based on three major process components: Strandphase, Pellbows, and DeDuster. Strandphase is a technology for gentle conveying of granular products. Moderate velocities prevent breakage and attrition of the conveyed product, keeps the generation of dust at a low level, and prevents the creation of long angel hair. It does not need special pipe supports or additional steel construction. It does not create fine micro-dust, seen in dense-phase systems, or long streamers, created in dilute-phase systems. In many cases, pipe diameters are smaller than those in dense-phase systems. As a result, investment costs for large-scale Strandphase systems are lower than slow-motion dense-phase systems. Pellbow is a patented pipe elbow whose design resembles a standard short-radius elbow with a large expanded chamber between the inlet and discharge of the elbow. The soft impact of pellets in the slurry zone and the low wall friction eliminates the creation of streamers. Its pressure loss is only slightly higher than that of standard long- and short- radius elbows. The design eliminates the build-up of product within the elbow. A complete purge is accomplished simply by using the same conveying air volume and pressure. DeDuster is the dust and angel hair removal unit. Regardless of conveying method used, friction is generated by the velocity and pressure. This results in attrition of the conveyed product. The unit removes dust particles providing high-quality resin with remaining dust contents below 30PPM. Existing dense- and dilute-phase systems may be upgraded to incorporate Pellcon3 technology. Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA 717-293-4008 www.pelletroncorp.com

118146.tifIn-Line  Powder Induction System
Unlike previous powder wetting systems designed for fast powder induction, the new in-line SLIM (Solids, Liquid Injection Manifold) requires no pump or eductor, which greatly simplifies operation and maintenance, and lowers costs. The rotor/stator generator includes “progressive spiral porting” that produces high flow, high shear, and a high level of vacuum within the rotor/stator generator. This enables the system to operate without a pump and induct powders at high rates. Benefits include shorter mixing cycles, immediate lump-free dispersion of powders, improved end-product quality, and a closed system that eliminates dusting in the plant. The system shown includes a special powder-holding vessel and a SLIM powder injection unit driven by a 50-hp motor. Charles Ross and Son Co., Hauppauge, NY 800-243-7677  www.mixers.com

118147.tifSplit Butterfly Valve System
The DL split butterfly valve system has been specifically developed to meet the challenges of contained materials handling with IBCs. As an interface between the IBC and process equipment, it offers the ability to safely transfer product ensuring a dust-free, high-containment operation when handling APIs and other formulation ingredients. The design of the DL, with patented DiscLock technology, also ensures that maximum yield is achieved from each transfer in a fast and repeatable manner. Sensitive product is also protected from contamination by this secure split valve design. ChargePoint can supply the complete engineering integration of the DL valve with IBCs, lifting hoists, and other process equipment such as mills or sieves. ChargePoint Technology Ltd, Liverpool, UK +44 151 728 4500  www.thechargepoint.com

118148.tifGravity Flow Sifters
The QA Tru-Balance Gravity Flow series of sifters offers precision grading, fines removal, and product quality control sifting. Multiple models use from three to nine sieves and are adaptable to a wide range of products, capacities, number of separations, and screen sizes. The series flow sieve arrangement provides large screen areas in a compact floor area and are easily customized to suit your installation requirements. The sifters can be opened, sieves completely removed and maintained, and reassembled in minutes, all without special tools. The stainless steel sieve and product contact zone construction allows cleaning to be accomplished with dry brushing, air cleaning, water wash down, or steam cleaning. Great Western Manufacturing, Leavenworth, KS 913-682-2291 www.gwmfg.com

118149.tifPallet-Dispensing Machine
The flexible PalletMAX pallet dispensing machine can stage a stack of 15-20 pallets and automatically deliver them on demand. The machine features all-steel construction, a heavy-duty chain discharge conveyor, integral pallet squaring feature, and a heavy-duty pneumatic scissor lift. It has adjustability designed in so you can dispense multiple pallets from the same machine. Each unit is prewired and tested prior to shipment, which makes installation simple and gets the machine into production quickly. The machine is PLC controlled and easily integrated into new or existing plant systems. Each unit can also be used as a pallet stacker by simply running it in reverse. Completely squared stacks can then be removed from the machine using a fork lift. Erie Technical Systems Inc., Erie, PA 814-899-2103  www.bulkfilling.com