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Cyclonaire's Environment-Conscious Products Build Awareness

Article-Cyclonaire's Environment-Conscious Products Build Awareness

Cyclonaire Corp.’s eco-friendly components and systems, which are now easily identifiable by the company’s 445 Technology classification, are designed to preserve the workplace and the environment. The 445 Technology includes products designed to reduce contamination and air pollution, lessen noise, eliminate harmful spillage, and conserve energy, while maintaining maximum material handling efficiency.

By identifying products as part of the 445 Technology conservation program, customers can easily select components and systems that will improve the environment in their own facilities, while contributing to the larger effort to protect our environment. Cyclonaire specializes in pneumatic conveying and manufactures a full line of material handling systems and controls. The company supplies components as well as complete dilute-, dense-, and semi-dense phase pneumatic conveying systems.

The name 445 Technology refers to the maximum greenhouse emissions threshold in the atmosphere established by conservationists, including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a U.N. network of more than 2000 scientists. At 445 parts per million, emissions begin to pose a health risk, impair the economy, shift climate patterns, and harm the environment. While Cyclonaire officials are aware that instituting the 445 Technology plan will not eliminate greenhouse emission issues, they also know that every effort counts. It is their goal to make it easier for companies to improve working environments throughout the world, while raising awareness for the need of improvements.

A list of Cyclonaire’s 445 Technology products can be found at www.cyclonaire.com.

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