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Closed-Cycle Dust Recovery System

Article-Closed-Cycle Dust Recovery System

National Bulk EquipmentAvailable on a full line of bulk bag dischargers, this closed-cycle material dust recovery system controls, collects, and re-introduces migrant material dust back into process operations, reducing material waste and protecting personnel and equipment from potentially harmful airborne contaminants. The process begins by enclosing the spouted bulk bag and feed tube within a sealed containment cylinder. When material discharge begins, migrant material dust is trapped within the containment cylinder and kept from spreading throughout the work area. The trapped material dust is extracted from the containment cylinder using a self-contained, point source dust collection and filtration unit. The collection unit’s variable frequency motor/blower draws material from the cylinder at volumes up to 300 cu ft/min (CFM), and the high-efficiency filtration stage recovers material particulate, as small as 1 micron at a MERV11-rated efficiency. At the completion of the closed-cycle material dust recovery process, a high-pressure blast of air pulses the filter to remove the material dust and re-introduce the recovered material back into the process operation.
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