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Chilworth Technology Inc. Presents OSHA Dust Explosion Inspection Preparatory Training Course

Chilworth Technology Inc. has developed a training course specifically designed to prepare attendees for a targeted OSHA dust explosion hazard inspection at their facilities. The course addresses four primary focus areas including: (1) combustible dust accumulations within a facility; (2) specific plant operations that may be targeted by OSHA; (3) classification of electrical equipment and (4) the Hazardous Chemical Communication Standard requirements. 

Course Duration
This course will be approximately 6-7 hours, which includes background information on dust explosion hazard assessment and control.

Who Should Attend
Technical and management personnel from the chemical and processing industries including bulk and finished pharmaceutical, bulk and fine chemicals, detergents & soaps, petrochemicals, food and drink, plastics and rubbers, metals, textile, paper and lumber, agrochemicals, and dyes and paints.

This training will prepare attendees for a targeted OSHA dust explosion hazard inspection at their facilities. Course participants will be able to identify the areas that OSHA will focus on in carrying out this type of inspection. Upon completion of the course, attendees will know how to prepare for the inspection and address any issues that may arise or to mitigate hazards that may currently exist prior to the arrival of the inspector.

Space is limited. For dates, times, and locations or to register, contact Ms. Robin Konrad at 609-799-4449 or [email protected]

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