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ChemSW Releases Best Practices White Paper on How to Gain Complete Control of Chemical Inventory

ChemSW, Inc. has announced the release of a new in-depth white paper that examines best practices for effectively controlling and reporting chemical inventory. "How to Gain Complete Control of Your Chemical Inventory" provides tips and techniques for ensuring that chemical inventory is managed in a safe, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Safety is a key reason why chemical inventory management differs from all other inventory. From lubricants to solvents, from flammable materials to corrosives, many organizations today handle and store a number of different chemicals that must be managed safely. It's not enough to ensure that you know where chemicals are, provide training and information about correct handling procedures, and ensure that chemicals are stored and disposed appropriately. It is also important, and in many cases required by regulations, to report to external agencies what chemicals are on site, and how and where they are stored. For this reason alone it is important to ensure that chemical inventory management is optimized.

The white paper details the best practices that can help organizations optimize chemical inventory management, particularly with regard to regulatory requirements. The building blocks to best practices are defined as well as tactics to ensure system adoption and successful incorporation into lab processes.

To request a copy, visit www.ChemSW.com/GainWP.htm.