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ChemSW Enhances CISPro Chemical Inventory System to Comply with DHS CFATS Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard

ChemSW, Inc. has enhanced its CISPro Global and CISProLive Chemical Inventory Systems with unique functionality to easily comply with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standard (CFATS), 6 CFR Part 27. The about-to-be-finalized rule requires organizations with DHS "Chemicals of Interest" on site that exceed specified threshold levels to develop and implement a site security plan for managing and reporting those chemicals.

Managing chemicals on the DHS Chemicals of Interest list and reporting when threshold levels are exceeded is not as simple as it appears.

"It's easy to report chemical levels if you have an end-to-end inventory program in place," states ChemSW president Brian Stafford. "But the program needs to be managed in real time, not by a once-a-year inspection. Reporting must happen any time a chemical on the list goes over the specified amount, so the security plan needs to function all the time. It's critical to have an ongoing process for monitoring inventory levels accurately."

The enhancements to ChemSW's CISPro Global and CISProLive systems enable users to upload the DHS Chemicals of Interest list, match the list to the chemicals in inventory, and automatically flag chemicals when an over-limit situation occurs. With this real-time information, reports can be promptly created and send to the DHS to ensure compliance.

"Getting into compliance can be done for relatively little cost," explains Stafford. "But staying in compliance is a continuous process and that's where commercial chemical inventory systems can really help. We were the first to offer the ability to monitor and categorize specific chemicals according to the standard. Our CISPro Global users can comply with little change to their existing system. If a facility doesn't have a computerized inventory system, our CISProLive SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) solution can enable them to get up to speed quickly and cheaply."

For details, visit www.chemsw.com/DHSenhance.htm. For more information on ChemSW's CISPro Chemical Inventory System, visit www.chemsw.com.

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