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Chemical Manufacturer Meets Stringent Regulations Using Scale System and Forklift Channel Frame

Article-Chemical Manufacturer Meets Stringent Regulations Using Scale System and Forklift Channel Frame

To satisfy stringent government regulations and ensure personnel safety, it is critical for chemical manufacturers to verify that little to no hazardous materials remain in transport and storage containers when they are discarded. High-accuracy onsite weighing equipment can help companies achieve this objective—just as one floor scale and indicator combination from Avery Weigh-Tronix recently allowed a leading chemical manufacturer to weigh containers with high efficiency, and thus avoid fines.

The Avery Weigh-Tronix scale system allows the operator to accurately weigh storage and transport containers, confirming each meets government regulations

Aldinger Co., a full service provider of calibration, repair, products, and system solutions for testing and measuring equipment serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area, recommended this weighing solution to the chemical manufacturer. The manufacturer was receiving fines from the Department of Public Safety (DPS), which had found chemical remnants in the company’s discarded drums and totes that exceeded regulatory standards. The weighing solution would need to provide the accuracy required to weigh each container before pick-up and determine these chemicals have been evacuated, as well as the flexibility to be relocated easily throughout the company’s outdoor covered shipping area.

“Our customer was seeking a quality, dependable product and trusted Aldinger to provide them with that solution,” said Janet Baska, territory manager at Aldinger. “We feel confident that the Avery Weigh-Tronix floor scale and indicator were the best products available to fulfill our customer’s needs and expectations.”

The Avery Weigh-Tronix scale system selected was comprised of a 5x5 ft ProDec floor scale, Model E1010 indicator, and TM220 strip printer, plus a forklift channel frame manufactured locally through Aldinger. The operator begins by weighing an initial set of drums or totes and uses this as a target weight. Forklift operators then place subsequent containers onto the scale for weighing. If the weight of the containers exceeds the target by more than the DPS regulations allow, an operator can return the drums or totes so that they can be emptied sufficiently.

To make this a portable solution, the forklift channel frame was custom-built to suit the fork tip dimensions on the forklifts used by the chemical manufacturer. The channel frame’s design allows forklift operators to easily lift and place containers onto the scale while protecting the scale, cables, indicator, and printer under constant use. It additionally allows the full weighing system to be easily lifted and relocated using a forklift to various docks within the company’s shipping area.

The ProDec floor scale utilizes Avery Weigh-Tronix’s Weigh Bar weight sensors, ensuring reliable, repeatable, and accurate weighing.

Also included is a column on which the indicator is mounted, enabling the user to simply tilt and adjust the indicator, as well as swivel the entire column 180° for optimal viewing and use. The printer is placed underneath the indicator in a slide-out shelf.

“The shelf was designed to protect the printer from outdoor elements, such as heavy rains, but still allow for simple printer paper replacement,” Baska added.

The ProDec floor scale delivers a low profile, economical weighing solution with durability to match. Constructed of mild steel with an epoxy paint coating, the scale is designed to withstand repetitive use. The scale’s Weigh Bar weight sensors ensure reliable, repeatable, and accurate weighing. To withstand outdoor conditions, the scale’s junction box is moisture-proof and recessed in the deck, with a removable plate for easy access.

The Model E1010 indicator automatically prints the gross weight of the drums and totes after each transaction, increasing efficiency and reducing manual labor

The Model E1010 indicator is programmed to automatically print the gross weight of the drums and totes after each transaction. This eliminates the need for the driver to exit the forklift to record weighments, increasing efficiency. Housed in a stainless steel enclosure with a NEMA 6/4X UL rating, the Model E1010 indicator is impervious to moisture—withstanding driving rain and other challenging environmental conditions.

The Avery-Weigh Tronix scale system, combined with Aldinger Co.’s custom forklift channel frame, allows the chemical manufacturer to efficiently weigh drums and totes, confirming each is emptied before being discarded. Withstanding wind, rain, and heavy use, the system now enables the company to meet strict DPS regulations, and therefore, avoid costly fines.

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