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CfPA Offers "Powders: Their Properties and Processing" Course

Article-CfPA Offers "Powders: Their Properties and Processing" Course

The Center for Professional Advancement (CfPA), East Brunswick, NJ, is offering a course called “Powders: Their Properties and Processing”, February 6-8, 2012, in Boca Raton, FL.
The primary purpose of this course is to review the various properties of powdered solids pertinent to the development and manufacture of the products of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries. In particular, the latest experimental techniques and equipment for evaluating important properties of powders will be discussed and related to both the underlying principles and common industrial problems. The different powder processing operations will be discussed and the range of equipment and machinery for each will be critically reviewed.

Course attendees are cordially invited to visit the laboratories of instrument manufacturer Quantachrome Instruments on the morning of February 9 for a half-day powder and porous materials characterization workshop. You will be able to conduct powder sampling experiments, particle size analyses, tapped density and true density measurements, and to see state-of-the-art surface area, pore size and water sorption DVS instruments first hand. There is no additional fee for this optional half-day bonus extension, however please indicate your interest when you register for the course so that appropriate arrangements can be made to accommodate all those interested. Please indicate your desire to attend on the registration form in the “additional comments” section.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

* Identify the basic concepts applying to processing of powders
* Design, modify, and control a process to produce products that have the desired properties
* Select tests to ensure the performance of the process
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